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How to enjoy Higashiizu, where both sightseeing and food are attractive
Let me explain.

How to enjoy Izu

About coastal information of Higashiizu


The coast of Higashiizu is a little-known spot

Higashi-Izu is an area that serves as the entrance to Izu and has good access.

While gazing at the vast Pacific Ocean

Not only for swimming, but also for sightseeing trips.


About Inatori Kimme


Higashiizu's specialty "Inatori Kimme"

Surrounded by the sea, the Oyashio Current from the north and the Kuroshio Current from the south collide,

It is a treasure trove of delicious seafood.

In particular, there are many active fish in Higashi-Izu on the outside,

Among them, in Higashi Izu, the brand of alfonsinoThere is "Inatori Kimme".

Instead of normal net fishing and aquaculture, only standing net fishing (pole-and-line fishing) is called "Inatori Kinme".

It is also a feature that there is a brand evaluation standard.

Because it is pole-and-line fishing (standing net fishing),

The feature is that it looks good and beautiful even if it is boiled as it is.


About Inatori Hosono Kogen


drama and locationHills that are also used for

It spreads over hilly areas with an altitude of 400m to 800m"Inatori Hosono Kogen".

It is about 26 times the size of the vast Tokyo Dome,

The 360-degree nature panorama is a spot where you can look over Izu.


About Kawazu Seven Falls


Forest bathing in a fantasy world

Kawazu Nanataki is a general term for seven waterfalls in Higashi Izu.

  1. Otaki Waterfall

  2. Deai Falls

  3. Kanidaru Waterfall

  4. Shokeidal Waterfall

  5. Hebidaru

  6. Shrimp Waterfall (Ebidaru)

  7. Kamadaru Waterfall

Hiking around the above waterfalls cannot be experienced in the city.

on the waySuspension bridges, traces of ancient volcanic activity, etc.

It is possible to enjoy nature.

Sightseeing information around Kokoro no Doka

Higashiizu has a healing place where you can forget the city

Higashi-Izu has a trifecta of good to see, good to eat, and good to see, and there are many things to see and do.
Literally located on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula, it is crowded with many beachgoers every summer.
In addition, the climate of Higashi-Izu is warm due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current, and you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes.

Recommended plan

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