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A variety of dishes from the sea and mountains of Izu

Mainly seasonal seafood caught at local Inatori port
Hospitality with a dish that comes with an exquisite sashimi boat platter.
In addition, with handmade dishes such as warm pots
Spend a heartwarming night in Izu.


Dinner example

A5 rank Japanese beef

(Company) The highest meat quality of beef trading standards set by the Japan Meat Grading Association!
A superb marbling beef with tender lean meat and finely flavored fat.

spiny lobster

You can eat it while grilling it yourself, so you can enjoy it with your favorite grilling condition.

spiny lobster
Season: September to May
Procured directly from Inatori fishing port!
Ise lobster is the most popular item at our hotel!
Kuroshio-raised spiny lobster is sweet and delicious. It can be enjoyed as live sashimi, boiled, or grilled onigara.


Season: July to February
Abalone made of high quality material!
There are many customers who say it's a waste to eat it (laughs).
Odori-yaki and sashimi are standard, but we also recommend butter-yaki.

Whole boiled red snapper

The hotel's popular "simmered alfonsino"
Whole-boiled alfonsino simmered in our secret sauce is very popular with our customers! !
Alfonsino from Shimoda, Izu is fatty and is now more popular than Ise lobster, and it is also good as sashimi! Boiled but good! An excellent dish even after eating shabu-shabu!

Bespoke seasonal dishes

Depending on the season or the stocking situation of the day

We may not be able to provide it.

In addition, please be sure to make a reservation at least 2 days before the date of stay.

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