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You can fully enjoy  Six-room hideaway

Exquisite seasonal flavors of Izu

take it easy, take it easy, relax

5 minute walk from Imaihama Beach

Fresh seasonal flavors of Izu and natural hot springs to soothe fatigue

For dinner, enjoy Izu's sea and mountain delicacies in your room.

Enjoy an idyllic holiday

101 海側10畳1F2

The room

Kokoro no Odoka, a seaside inn overlooking the Imaihama coast facing the Pacific Ocean


view from ocean view window

Seaside scenery and a calm Japanese-style room

lead to nostalgic times



Hospitality with the flavors of Izu


Mainly seasonal seafood caught at local Inatori port

Hospitality with a dish that comes with an exquisite sashimi boat platter.

In addition, with handmade dishes such as warm pots

Spend a heartwarming night in Izu.


Private open-air bath

2 types of private open-air baths

A natural open-air bath where you can relax with your family.

The two private baths are available 24 hours a day and can be used as many times as you like throughout the day.

You can enjoy both the indoor bath and the open-air bath.

Natural hot springs are circulating for heat retention, but they are mostly free-flowing.

It is effective in relieving fatigue and heals daily fatigue.

Because it can be used in family units, even with small children

No need to worry about other customers. It is also popular with couples.


Recommended plan

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